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Kids Karting

At Kartingmania™ the kids are thoroughly instructed, fitted with the correct size full-face, sanitized helmet (with the visor always closed when on track), and neck protector. They are placed in a kart of their correct size, double-checked in the pits, and monitored by our marshals whilst on track.

We have two categories of kids karts for the main track. These are: K3 -- a standard kart and K1 -- a superior kart. The K1 is a faster, racier, more colourful kart. Most of the karts can run at the same speed as the others in it's category. However we have a number of karts, in each kids category, that are necessarily slower-speed adjusted specifically for those first-timers, less confident, less-experienced, younger drivers.
We have a unique, understandable approach to teaching the kids how to drive a kart correctly and safely. Once they start their briefing, parents are asked not to interefere - and quite often afterwards comment something like "Well, they don't listen or pay attention to me like that!"
The highlight of their holiday. Be warned - you will not hear the end of it. They'll be going on about how much fun it is for days. Kartingmania™, definitely helps to make their holiday very special!
On the main track kids only drive with other kids, not with adults. Also and importantly, we split the kids into groups of similar size, experience and their understanding of the briefing.

Kids from approximately seven years upwards go out on the main track. We decide this based on many varying factors. We have a very extensive experience of this, and it’s our call. However if we decide that they are not quite ready to go on the main track, we have a separate track next to the pits where they can drive a different type of gasoline-powered kart. (see the 4 to 7 year olds section below.)
An explicit briefing is given first (wether they have driven before or not). They are sat down on a bench and made to pay strict attention. They are invited to ask questions.

After the briefing we get them ready — fitting them with the correct size full-coverage, sanitized, quality helmet, as well as a neck protector. Loose hair, clothing, belts and loose shoelaces are all taken care of. We then place them in karts that fit them perfectly so that they are in the correct driving position. This is very important and we have a wide variety of chassis sizes and seat and pedal/positions to take care of this.
Next we make sure they have their feet and hands correctly positioned on the steering wheel and pedals, and that they are seated comfortably. We ensure that they are paying strict attention and that they are not being distracted nor distracting themselves.

We then get them to try out the feel, control and the movement of the gas and brake pedal, in order to familiarize themselves with the operation of these. When everyone is ready we start the engines then let the kids slowly bring the karts forward a bit at a time so that they get the feel of the gas pedal and brake pedal operation, now that the kart is moving slowly in the pits.

After another individual, final check by us, we close their visors and out on-track they go. They are then closely monitored by our track marshals throughout their whole session. Where necessary they are pulled up by the pit entrance and any mistakes are corrected.

What the kids say

"Thank you very much. We'll be back tomorrow. I've promised to behave!"

James doodle, 8 years old.

Parents in shock

"We had no idea our 5 year old could drive a kart so well!"

Jonathan Mathers, UK

Leslie, a professional photographer says

"I was able to take great shots of my girls during and after the races - their smiles said it all."

Leslie W, Wales

4-7 Year Olds
Very Small Clients Welcome

Racing baby on board!

We also have a separate track where our 4 to 7 year old smaller clients can drive customized, gasoline-powered karts. We have some small, very cool karts - Ferraris, Mercedes, McLarens, Red Bulls and Lighting McQueens, etc - for these budding racing drivers! These tiny drivers are fitted with their exact size, quality, sanitized, full-coverage helmet and a neck protector. They drive a kart that fits them perfectly. These are single-seater karts. On this track we also have some slightly larger, very cool karts for bigger kids in this age group.
After the important instructions are given and they have understood the gas and the brake pedal operation, they go out on their track with one of our staff perched on the side-pod of the kart, checking and ensuring that the kid is doing things correctly. After a lap or two, once he or she has got the hang of things, our instructor jumps off and monitors the action. You will be amazed at how rapidly the kids learn! Mostly they improve lap after lap. The speed of these karts is not high.
Parents and family are simply flabbergasted at what has just happened. Thanks to Kartingmania's™ expert, patient, tuition, their little guy or girl is suddenly driving on his or her own for the first time — and driving well! Absolutely fantastic photo and video opportunities here..

Prices - Kids Karts

We have various categories of karts with different performance levels. You can choose how long you want to drive. You can also get a sizeable discount if you buy our Double-Bubble option (2 sessions for the same person, to use that morning, afternoon or evening.)

For our tiny racing drivers (4-7 years), we have a special track where they can drive small, gasoline-engine, single-seater karts. These karts do approximately 18 kph. We have various sizes of these karts.
K3 - Standard Kart
Honda 160cc
  • Black bodywork
  • Adjustable seat position
  • Adjustable gas/brake pedals
  • 7 minute session
K1 - Superior, Faster Kart.
Honda 160cc
  • Colourful Bodywork
  • F1™ drivers' numbers
  • Adjustable seat position
  • Adjustable gas/brake pedals
  • 7 minute session (Fiorano)

  • 10 minute session (Indy)

Get a discount on your sessions!
14 minutes (2 x 7 minute sessions) = 40€
20 minutes (2 x 10 minute sessions) = 50€
4-7 year olds
Honda 160cc
  • Cool racing bodywork
  • Seat Inserts
  • Various Sizes
  • 18 kph approx
  • 6 minute session

  • 9 minute session

Get a discount on your session!
18 minutes (2 x 9 minute sessions) = 40€

* Please note: we have a few of the K1's speed-adjusted for some first-timers.
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