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Arrive & Drive

There’s no need to reserve, you can turn up from first thing in the morning, throughout the day, until late at night.

Kartingmania™, Spain's Number One Fun Track. Located at the Hotel Bellevue complex, Puerto de Alcudia. Awesome!

Come on down, pay, and you’ll soon be out on track. We separate the sessions into adults, teenagers, kids, and smaller kids. We also separate these sessions into levels of experience and ability. This is based on our vast experience.
We are experts at this so you will go out in a session in which you feel comfortable in. We also sometimes allow you to go out in an exclusive group of your own friends, subject to how busy we are at that particular moment.
There are various options available for our Arrive & Drive format. The sessions are sold by minutes but typically are approximately 13 or 14 laps for the Fiorano session and approximately 19 or 20 laps for the Indy session. This depends on the driver speed. You also have the option to buy two sessions for the same person (for that morning, afternoon or evening), and get a sizeable discount. This option is called a Double-Bubble. The track is exhilarating and demanding to drive and due to the sensation of speed from the karts, as well as the unique design of the track, you are constantly “at work” — kind of like the F1™ guys at Monaco! Your adrenaline rush will be maximum.
The Kartingmania™ way
Prior to driving you are given a full briefing in which we make sure you understand about driving a kart correctly, how best to do it, what to do and what not to do, as well as the simple but very important flag signals that must be strictly observed. After the briefing our staff fit you with the correct size, sanitized, quality, full-coverage helmet. We fasten it. We also check that you have not wrongly adjusted it prior to going on-track. We have neck protectors for those who require them. We make sure that you have no loose garments, dangling scarves, bandanas, dangling belts, loose shoelaces, loose flimsy shirts or long dresses etc. Where necessary we secure these with our “magic tape”. We provide elastic hair bands for hair longer than a minimum length, and this is folded up into your helmet or under your neck protector in a secure way so that it can’t come loose.
Next we tell you which kart to get into. This will be a kart that fits you perfectly so that you are comfortable and in the correct driving position. We then check that your hands are placed correctly on the steering wheel, your feet relaxed on the pedals and you are seated comfortably. Once we start the kart up we make sure that you are comfortable with the operation of the gas and brake pedals. Prior to going on-track we re-check your helmet adjustment and close the helmet visor. Once you are on-track the flag marshals will be attentive, making sure that all instructions are being followed and correcting any mistakes you make. Sneakers and sports/tennis type shoes are best for you to wear. However if you turn up in sandals, flip-flops, etcetera we will very securely tape these to your feet with our “magic tape”. This allows you to drive with the necessary, correct feel.

Prices - Adult Karts

We have various categories of karts with different performance levels. You can choose how long you want to drive. You can also get a sizeable discount if you buy our Double-Bubble option (2 sessions for the same person, to use that morning, afternoon or evening).
F3 Kart
Honda 160cc
  • 40 kph
  • Single-colour bodywork
  • 7 minute session
F1™ Kart. Awesome!
Honda 200cc unrestricted
  • 65kph / 8hp
  • Lap-time transponders
  • F1™ team bodywork / colours
  • F1™ drivers' numbers
  • 7 minute session (Fiorano)
    approx 13/14 laps

  • 10 minute session (Indy)
    approx 19/20 laps

Get a discount on your sessions!
14 minutes (2 x 7 minute sessions) = 40€
20 minutes (2 x 10 minute sessions) = 50€
Biz Pro Karts
Not for the faint-hearted!
  • Two Engines! / 14hp
  • 85 kph
  • Lap-time transponders
  • F1™ drivers / moto gp riders numbers
  • 7 minute session (Approx 15 laps)

  • 10 minute session (21/22 laps)

Get a discount on your sessions!
14 minutes (2 x 7 minute sessions) = 60€
20 minutes (2 x 10 minute sessions) = 70€

The prices of our Exclusive Grand Prix races for you and your friends, as well as the prices of our weekly races - where you can sign-up individually - are in our Grand Prix section.

3 Ways to receive extra laps at Kartingmania™

Early Bird Special
Come on Down before 13.00h and get Extra Laps
    A very GOOD morning! It can be a long day at the beach (hard life huh?). A bit of go karting prior to frying yourself is just the tonic! It will make that dive into the sea feel even better! It's also a great workout for your arms — you will definitely feel like you've been pumping iron. Start your day, start your engines! Come down to the track any morning before 13.00 hours, ask for the Early Bird Special and we’ll give you some extra laps when you purchase your INDY karting session. Take advantage of the morning freshness. Even in the height of the summer we often tend to get a nice breeze from the lake. Under our shaded Paddock area awning we have large electric fans. There are also eight swimming pools with showers within the complex and lots of shaded grassy areas, so you’ll be able to cool off or chill after karting.
Arrive by Taxi
Get Extra Laps when you arrive by taxi to Kartingmania™
  • Take a taxi from anywhere to Kartingmania™. Of course we're not going to pay for it, but we will make it seem free (sort of) by giving you some extra laps when you purchase your INDY karting session. If you come down with other people in the taxi we will also give them extra laps.
  • Make sure the taxi driver takes you to “el karting del Hotel Bellevue, Puerto Alcudia”. Get a receipt and we will give you and your friends some extra laps when you buy your INDY session karting tokens.
Late Night Extra
Drive between 22.00h and 23.00h and get Extra Laps
  • The lights are on. Stimulate your senses. Before you go partying, go karting! Karting stimulates your senses and gets you buzzing with adrenaline. Come on down before you go out on the town, to get your motor running!
  • Late Night Extra - Come down after 22.00 hours and ask for our Late Night Extra. We’ll give you some extra laps when you purchase your INDY karting session. Night-time go karting provides you with an additional sensation. It seems to sharpen your concentration. The track is superbly floodlit all the way around. Don’t bother coming down to the track if you have been drinking.
You can also pick up one of our brochures from hotel receptions, tourist offices, local bars, or one of our official P.R. vehicles which are parked between Puerto Pollensa, Puerto Alcudia, Playas de Muro and Alcudia Pins.
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