Every day from 9.30 am, all day long until midnight!
Tel: +34 636 722 752

Our Extremely Professional Team Ensures That You Have A Fantastic Time.

Spain's Number One Fun Track!
Proud to be the best.

Every day from 9.30 am, all day long until midnight!
Tel: +34 636 722 752

Our Unrivalled Recipe for Fun!

One-and-only Formula.

Every day from 9.30 am, all day long until midnight!
Tel: +34 636 722 752

Dry clutches for better acceleration.

Lightweight 65kph Biz Karts.
Unrestricted Honda engines.

Every day from 9.30 am, all day long until midnight!
Tel: +34 636 722 752

Karts That Fit Correctly.

The kids karting experts.
Unrivalled! We are undoubtedly the best.

Every day from 9.30 am, all day long until midnight!
Tel: +34 636 722 752

Kartingmania™ is Designed, Created and Run by

An ex Formula One Promoter
and ex racing driver.

Spain's Number One Fun Track!

Our track is designed and operated with a major objective: your fun! A great way to start, continue, to afternoon or to evening your day - the Kartingmania™ way!

"Brilliant!”, “Cool!”, “Awesome!”, “Class!”

Typical comments from our clients.


“What a blast. Brilliant. Me and my girl and our mates had the best time there. We went nearly everyday. We even tried night karting. Four of us joined one of their weekly races. There were 17 others racing and it was mad. Of course I won!!!” – Simon and his loser friends – England.
“We visited Kartingmania™ in July with our 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son. The staff were extremely patient and their way of teaching the children was very impressive. Samantha and Eric loved it and after driving there a few times are still talking about it months later.” – Liz and Albert Dreycott – England.
“We had never gone karting before. The staff at the track were exceedingly professional. They were very helpful and friendly, and made us feel totally at ease. We had a great time and got some great photos too. They let us stand on the podium afterwards even though we hadn’t made a race!!” – Graham, Darren, Shades and Mike . – Wales

Closed driving

"Very good. The Kart-Bahn is good size for total fun and closed driving with the other peoples. I will be back for more times. Servus!”

Hans Meyer
Stuttgart Germany

An absolute blast

“Man that was fun! Five of us went down there and had a blast. One or two corners seemed more slippery so you could slide around them. Unfortunately it was the last day of our holidays and we couldn’t come back for second go’s.”

Patrick Harrington & gang.

Super Go Karts

“Cool! Super go karts. My kart was very fast. I wish they would let me go with the grownups though because I could beat lots of them I know :-).”


Kartingmania’s™ One-and-Only Formula

Our unrivalled recipe for fun!

Cool and clever track layout, combined with unrestricted British Biz Karts = wicked fun for all. Bad, Mad & Rad!
A unique formula
Kartingmania’s™ circuit is cleverly designed to specifically ensure a thrilling driving sensation and maximum fun for the clients. This design — combined with our choice of karts, their weight, speed, handling, engine performance and the use of a special dry clutch (for better acceleration) – is the essence of Kartingmania’s™ One-and-only Formula.
The ideal track length
It is not too long (tedious) nor too small (restrictive). It is very wide. The specific layout and the flow of it’s corners with a mixture of open, fast, S-bends, kinks, cambered, and selective-radius hairpin bends, ensures exciting karting action, whilst also promoting overtaking in certain sectors. With varying grip levels around the track – some sectors slippery whilst others are grippier – it is a demanding, but extremely fun track to drive.
Safety first
Unlike many other circuits, you will never encounter a loose, unsecured, single, or on-it’s-edge tyre at our circuit. Each and every one of the hundreds and hundreds of tyres that make up our protective barriers are individually bolted to each other vertically and horizontally. Our run-off areas are wide and spacious.

Identical-specification, 65kph Biz Karts
Unrestricted 200cc Honda Engines
Dry clutches for better acceleration

F1- liveried, British Biz Karts.
The rental kart with a racing heart!

At Kartingmania™ we use British-built Biz karts — the worlds leading manufacturer of lightweight, responsive, funtastic, rental go karts. We have a large number of these karts and they have a variety of fixed seat/pedal configurations that allow for the correct driving position of all clients. The F1™-liveried kart is powered by an unrestricted, 200cc Honda engine, tuned to our specialized performance requirements.
Our engines use a special dry clutch which gives better acceleration than the standard wet clutch used by many rental circuits. Our karts are kept to identical specifications in their categories, to ensure maximum equal performance. These ones reach 65 kilometres per hour and are very responsive to the drivers input. They give the driver great feedback, encouraging him or her to constantly explore their limits and thus improve.
Stimulating Sensations

  Smooth and fast? Set a good time and get your name on this weeks Fastboard -- a display in the pits.

Additionally we have a fleet of Biz Pro Karts with 2 engines! Not for the faint-hearted! The Pro Karts reach over 75 kph. We do not just let anybody drive them. Smooth, sensible, aware drivers welcome..

Exceptional Credentials

An expansive background of racing and management.

The man behind Kartingmania™ has a wealth of experience in a wide range of Motorsports. These include participation, promotion, sponsorship, circuit-design, race instruction, management, entertainment and much more — and are all a part of the DNA of Kartingmania’s ™ creator. As a racing driver/motorcycle racer he immediately recognised the sponsor as The Most Important Person. This philosophy is thus naturally translated and adapted to Kartingmania ™ — where the client comes first.

Kartingmania’s™ CEO (centre, blue shirt) in his former role as Formula One™ Promoter, seen here leading Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Gerhard Berger to the podium after the Tío Pepe Spanish Grand Prix. Click images for bigger pictures.

Awards & Honors

Promoter of The Formula One™ Tío Pepe Spanish Grand Prix


Spanish Marlboro Formula Ford Championship


British Formula Ford


British Formula Ford 2000 Winter Series


SRA California Class-A Speedway Racing. - Dirt Track


European Formula Opel


Profesional Race Instructor, Brand Hatch


Speedway Champion of Spain


Dirt Track


Director of The Spanish Formula One™ Office Jerez

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